Luxury Mercedes Sprinter

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About us

For over 20 years  Stanford Coachworks have designed a range of minibuses for our clients for a variety of purposes. Over the years we  have received requests for clients for a luxury based vehicle which we were always happy to create. As the enquiries grew we realised there was a need for this type of vehicle in the U.K., we set to work developing conversion skills for this specialist market. We sourced the finest products and materials to make sure that we were not only creating a product that was needed in the U.K. but also the finest quality.

This is why we created Monaco by Stanford we have created a dedicated team for this range of vehicles. We still follow our traditional routes of designing each vehicle on an individual basis. We do not mass build, like a suit our vehicles are best designed tailored to you and your lifestyle. What suits one client will not suit another, we work with you to design a luxury minibus for your life. Whether that's city living, a mobile office, travel, adventure, or family life.