Commercial Monaco's

If you need a luxurious vehicle for corporate purposes or a business then the Monaco Professional range is ideal. As well as 2-8 passenger seat vehicles we can also design Monaco's to accommodate larger numbers in a coach style. We can also create splitter and tour buses for the entertainment and music industry. 

Luxury coach


We can design a Monaco coach with seating for up to 22. Our Monaco coaches are still just as luxurious as our Monaco people carriers. We can fit them with LED lighting, fridges, smart TVs, WiFi and a number of entertainment options. 

Luxury tour bus

Splitter and tour buses

Our Monaco tour buses are ideal for long journeys, they can be designed for small or large passenger numbers, with tables, toilets, dressing rooms and custom storage units. 

Bespoke minibus

Corporate branding 

Keep your company brand consistent with logos and company information on the exterior. Logos stitched into seating and added to central units and interior features.

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