Made in Britain : Monaco Mercedes a luxury custom ride

At Monaco by Stanford we build all of our Monaco's in the UK,  from design to build this all takes place in our Essex based studios. Each Monaco is built by hand by our specialised design teams. When we require special bespoke features we try to work with British companies to create unique items, we like to visit our collaborators and see the quality of the work before using anything in our Monaco's. Keeping everything UK based enables us to invite our clients to our studios and view Monaco's in build. You can feel materials and look at design options, hand pick every feature of your custom Monaco Mercedes. 

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Luxury Mercedes Sprinter conversions were not available in the UK they were mainly designed in the US or Turkey. There was nothing in the UK market to compete with this anything close was designed as a party bus, we wanted to design a truly luxurious vehicle with an understated elegance.

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Developing a Monaco Mercedes 

Even though we have been converting vehicles for 20 years introducing bespoke passenger carrying  Sprinters and V-classes to the UK would always be a challenge. There is strict British legislation regarding vehicle conversions to ensure the safety of passengers. Each converted vehicle needs to meet specific health and safety legislation and go through a testing process called an IVA.

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We developed our Monaco range over 5 years. We took our time to develop and research, we were already creating luxury mini coaches for our customers, and we used this a base to evolve our conversion techniques to create the finest in luxury and comfort whilst still ensuring the conversions are safe and legal. All of our Monaco conversions are tested and you will receive a certificate which states your vehicle is a legal passenger carrying vehicle. 

Custom Mercedes Sprinter and V-class in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australasia... 

Although we are proud to design our vehicles in the UK that doesn't mean we design them purely for the UK market. The process of a Monaco makes them ideal for home or abroad.  You can experience the Monaco ride anywhere in the world, we design it for your city. We can build on a left hand drive vehicle, and if you have bumpy roads to manage how about a 4x4  Sprinter. Design it to your environment, armour protection for your safety, colours for your climate, and panoramic roofs to enjoy the views. 

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