Supercar Sunday with HR Owen VIP Services

Supercar Sunday was hosted by HR Owen VIP services and HR Owen Rolls Royce. We looked forward to the event , even more so when we realised HR Owens Monaco was scheduled to be finished in time for the event. 

This would be the second time HR Owen have hosted this event.  Last year they ran the event in the autumn, and it was big,  a  host of Supercars  turned up. This year was set to be even bigger as everyone knew this was going to be the event to be at, the footage from last years Supercar Sunday was enough to confirm this.


The HR Owen team picked up their Monaco on the Friday ready for Sundays antics. They were thrilled, we said goodbye and waited for Sunday.

Supercar Sunday at Berkley Square

The Supercar meet was held in Berkley square, walking around the corner to walk up to Berkley square there was no mistaking we were at the right place.  There was a mass of people and the sound from the DJ set along with the engines revving was incredible. The roads were buzzing, it was a perfect London day for this type of event, the hottest day of the year, perfect top down weather. Along the street were a mix of HR Owen cars parked up from Lamborghini, Rolls Royce VIP and other HR Owen brands. I managed to catch up with Abbass who said the day had started at 8.30 even though the event wasn’t officially meant to kick off until 10!

IMG_0175 resized.jpg

Just as we made our way to the main area a huge crowd started to form and cameras were in the air, people were sprinting towards from all directions. So what was drawing the crowd, the most expensive car with an even more expensive license plate… A Bugatti Veyron with a F1 license plate. The car itself is worth over £1 million while the licence plate bought for £440,000 in 2008  was recently put up for sale for £10 million.

IMG_0355 resized.jpg

It wasn’t all just petrol heads, there was a complete mix of people there. Men and women, families on a day out with young kids loving the noise and outlandish cars. 

The parade of cars was accompanied by a DJ set and a special set by DMO Deejay, who had a crowd surrounding him his whole set.

Alongside the parked up cars there was a number of Supercars doing a lap around Berkley square. Mixed in with the collection of Supercars on parade was a mix of the usual London traffic of lorries, taxis, cars, London buses and tour buses, all looking on confused as to what was going on. Passengers were peering out the windows and pointing at the show of vehicles, whilst drivers honked at the waiting crowd. There was even the odd luxury/Supercars accidentally joining the parade as they went about their day, not surprising in the location. HR Owens Rolls Royce showroom on Berkley square was the first to open and the perfect location for Supercar Sunday.

This event was bigger and better then the last and we’re looking forward to the next event.