The Touring Life: Luxury Tour Buses

Tour life its never easy, long drives, interrupted sleep and constantly travelling. So if you are living the  tour life then why not do it comfort, who says tour life has to be gruelling all the time? We're not about that kind of tour life! That's why we create bespoke luxury tour buses for all of your touring solutions, we have designs for music and entertainment tour buses, Motorsports, entrepreneurs and business tours. 

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Music / Entertainment

Going on tour to entertain the people? If your performing for crowds on a nightly basis you need time to unwind, relax and have your own fun in between shows. So how about we create a Monaco tour bus with heated and reclining luxury seats for you and your entourage to take the weight of your feet. Look after your vocal cords with climate control, coffee machines, and fridges for refreshing beverages. Once you've recovered physically unwind with a film, play video games with your crew or just recline and listen to some music. You can enjoy a number of entertainment options all easily controlled through a Bose surround system. 

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After the race your body and mind will be drained from the physical and mental exertion it takes to complete a race.  We understand you need space, comfort and peace before and after a race. Many of the features in our Monaco designs have been inspired by our own head designer and director who competes in his spare time and knows about the schedule and hard work put in to winning a race. That's why we fully understand what you need.

Monaco Mercedes Sprinter ideal for Motorsports

Monaco Mercedes Sprinter ideal for Motorsports

Before the race - Plenty of storage space to store your gear, review your previous races, go over strategy on your own smart TVs, and confer with your team to prepare for the race. And afterwards relax and recharge with fully reclining seats, freshen up with in your own bathroom and chill out with a cold drink and a box set. 

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Something  a little bit different from the usual touring life. You may be visiting a number of sites and projects, touring for speaking engagements or just travelling around managing many business ventures. Regardless of the reason you need transportation that can serve as a relaxing, private area as well as a mobile office enabling you to keep control of your empire. 

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Stay connected in your hub with WiFi, USB points and 240v sockets. Jet foldout tables or custom desks can be added to make it easier to conduct business. Apple TV will allow you to stay up to date with the latest news your own personalised Nespresso coffee machine will help you stay alert.

We can create a tour bus to suit you. Full of the latest technologies, every comfort and luxury you could want. The Monaco Mercedes Sprinters are designed to suit your kind of tour! Speak to us today about designing a tour bus for you! 

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