On board entertainment on a Luxury Mercedes Sprinter and V-Class

Let's be honest sometimes you just cant beat a binge watching session. Finding a new series that you can keep watching and not having to wait every week for the next installment 👌 .  OK so we've heard the headlines, binge watching TV series isn't good because you cant remember the plot lines blah blah... but hey we're busy people and we don't have time to wait until next week to find out what happens after the latest cliff hanger!

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And now that you have your own Monaco you can catch up on all of those must watch series whilst on the go on a DECENT size screen.  If you've got a long journey coming up or you just want to chill out in between meetings then its useful to your own in board entertainment system in your luxury minibus/MPV. See we're always thinking about you! And we've made your life even easier by creating  a complete guide to the best box sets and series you need to watch. From long haul journeys and short journeys, from light hearted, easy watching series, to more intriguing series that require a little more concentration.  

In your Monaco your Bose system will be fitted with a Apple TV box and through this you can chill with Netflix, get engrossed in a Sky box set by installing Now TV, or anything else you fancy by using Apple airplay! 

Short and Sweet

These are best series for a laugh, there easy to watch, episodes are standalone stories and aren't generally carried onto another episode, and there easy to have on in the background, full concentration is not needed. 

Modern family 

 A mockumentary family sitcom, modern family  revolves around three different types of families (nuclear, step- and same-sex) living in the Los Angeles area who are interrelated through Jay Pritchett and his children. The episodes are short and sweet at around 20 minutes long and there are some big laughs. Perfect for morning commutes or short journeys. 

Where can you find it - Now TV

Idiot abroad 

An Idiot Abroad is a British travel documentary/road trip comedy television series starring Karl Pilkington. This really is a cracking series, Pilkington has absolutely no interest in travel and is the typical grumpy British man forced to go all over the world trying out ancient and weird traditions. Episodes are 60 minutes long but you can easily watch an episode in parts without confusion. 

Where can you find it - Netflix and Now TV


Where can you find it - Netflix and Now TV

Silcon Valley 

Silcon Valley is a great comedy about 5 young guys who try create a tech start up in Silcon Valley. Watch them struggle in the cut throat technology world and try and fight the big companies. The tech CEO characters are a great laugh and a good parody of many of the tech billionaires we all know.  Episodes are 30 minutes long although a bit more concentration is needed to keep up to date with the ever evolving plot line. 

Where can you find it - Now TV

Hardcore binge watching sessions

Now its time for the serious stuff - these picks are for when you have time to dedicate your full attention to a series.


Game of thrones

Of course you can't mention any list of must watch TV series without Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is probably one of the most talked about TV series and if you haven't watched it yet... where have you been?? You need full concentration for this, the series revolves around a number of families all fighting for the Seven Kingdoms whilst preparing for winter #winteriscoming. Episodes are around 60 minutes long and if you haven't started watching yet you have 7 seasons and 67 episodes to catch up on. But there's no need to rush as the final series isn't set to air til 2019! 

Where can you find it - Now TV

Orange is the new black

A Netflix original the series is a black comedy based on the memoirs of Piper Keirman, a law-abiding woman in her 30s living among New York's upper middle class. She is sentenced to 15 months in  a minimum-security women's prison for a crime committed 10 years prior to the start of the series. The series follows a number of the women in the prison with flashbacks to their life before and what lead to their imprisonment. It is must watch telly with some heart warming and hilarious moments, episodes run between 50 - 90 minutes.

Where can you find it - Netflix

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Breaking Bad 

The series that made Netflix, Breaking Bad helped to grow Netflix's popularity, originally on AMC in America Netflix opened up Breaking Bad to other countries. The show was hugely successful and won a number of awards. The series follows a desperate chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer and can't afford treatment, he teams up with a former pupil and starts to  make crystal meth to pay for treatment and look after his family. It tells the story of a normal hardworking man who becomes deeply involved in the dark drug world. Episodes  are 43 - 60 minutes long and an absolute must watch! 

Where can you find it - Netflix

Mad Men 

Take us back to a world of ad men and drinking lunches. Mad Men focuses on the so called 'mad men' advertising executives of the 60's in New York, a time when consumerism was at high and the start of what we call modern advertising. It depicts an office where sexism was rife, smoking was a must and drinking in the office in the daytime was perfectly acceptable. You watch it for the music, fashion and style just as much as the plot lines.

Where can you find it - Netflix and Now TV


The list of must watch box sets really is never ending, depending on what your into there's something  for everyone but if none of  these don't take your fancy then try out some of our top picks!

Now TV

West World  - Concentration is required, hard to get into but stick with it, its worth it! 

Walking Dead - If you can believe it a non cheesy zombie TV series has been achieved -absolute must watch!

Ballers - Welcome to the world of American Football (NFL) a funny insight into the big business of ballers! 

Scandal - From the writer of Greys Anatomy take a look into the world of the white house and the Washington fixers - its so unbelievable that its believable. 


The Crown - A period drama about the Royal Family and the Queens early years of reign, full of royal scandal!  

Narcos - Tells the story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar  who became a billionaire through producing and distributing cocaine, a great one for gangster film lovers.

How to get away with murder - Again from Greys Anatomy writer take a look into the world of a top defence lawyer as she gets her so called not guilty clients off of murder charges whilst herself and students get involved in their own murder plot.  


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Get in touch about your own Monaco conversion to enjoy all the box sets you want whilst on the road! Entertainment systems are available in both Mercedes Sprinter and V- class conversions.