As cold as ice : Luxurious White Mercedes Sprinter

Our luxury Monaco designs are customer led, they choose all of the design elements for their vehicle. From colours, windows, technology, entry, partitions and lights, they can choose it all. Generally our clients tend to opt for classic colour schemes such as tan and black, which give the Monaco Sprinters an elegant look. But recently we had a client who wanted to go for a bolder design statement, not to bright or garish, but still a bold statement...

IMG_0277 resized.jpg

They decided to go for a Dolce white interior, white Halo would always be a tricky material to design with. Trimming the walls, seats and ceiling in a white leather was either going to look amazing or a little bit tacky.  Its always exciting when a client wants to take a risk with the design, and we of course on hand to work with our client and create a design that would make the white colour scheme compliment the Mercedes conversion. 

IMG_0367 resized.jpg

What can we say about the finished interior...It looked  amazing. The white interior completed the finished Monaco giving it a stylish look. The white didn't look cold, the glow from the ambient lighting gave it a warm and inviting feel. Finished nicely with black accents the finish was sophisticated and not tacky. The white interior added to the luxurious feel of the Mercedes Sprinter.

This Monaco Sprinter was different on the outside as well, many of our customers like a black vehicle but this was a blue/grey metallic finish.  Alongside the white interior finish this Monaco Mercedes Sprinter also featured 6 seats across 2 levels. Two forward facing seats at the rear of the vehicle sit on a raised floor allowing all the passengers to see without an obstructed view.

IMG_0391 resized.jpg

Two center consoles feature in the Monaco, housing the Mercedes Sprinters entertainment including the Apple TV, Bose system, coffee machine and cooler drawer. There are 2 pull out jet tables for the rear passengers, large smart TV's feature at either end of the sprinter giving everyone a great view of the entertainment on board.

Take a look at the complete interior and watch our short video.

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