The Monaco range is available in a number of styles to suit a variety of passenger numbers. As well as Mercedes conversions we can also design bespoke projects for events, personal use or business. 

Luxury Monaco Sprinter

Monaco sprinters

The Monaco Sprinters provide a spacious interior cabin with ample room to create a variety of layouts and additional features, such as private cabins, offices and washrooms. On board entertainment options and comforts can be included from smart TVs , iPads, fridges, bars and more.  


Monaco vito and v-class

The Monaco Vito and V-classes provide a luxurious spacious cabin whilst the vehicle enables you too keep up with city traffic. They  are engineered  for city life, fitting in small spaces whilst providing ample room internaly. 


monaco bespoke 

With over 20 years experience we can complete a variety of conversions. We enjoy designing completely bespoke projects.  From personal conversions, to branded projects for events and commercial projects.