Space for all the family - Custom Mercedes Sprinter

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We are unlike other UK Mercedes Sprinter convertors, our vehicles aren't built from ready made templates with just a few custom options. Our designs are unique from the start, each one different and built to a clients lifestyle. 

This is very much visible in our our recent Mercedes Sprinter conversion. Built entirely for this particular family to spend quality time together. The client was happy to take their time in order to ensure the final design would suit their lives. We worked with them over a couple of months to build a specification. 

 A family centered design the conversion had to suit their activities and family trips whilst incorporating the luxurious feel and comfort synonymous with Monaco conversions. The design had to incorporate: 

Space for the family to sit comfortably and space for their beloved dog to sit with the family. 

As the client was planning to use this for weekends away and countryside retreats, views of the landscape were important. We fitted a panoramic roof  so that they could appreciate the views. 

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Keen cyclists storage space was a key design element. With this in mind we designed a large boot space to house the families bikes, we fitted restraints and straps to keep them secure. We also included a drainage area in the boot to allow them to clean off the area and bikes easily after an adventurous bike ride. 

As this was a family car the interior was left open with no division between the drivers cab and passenger cabin. 

The passenger cabin was designed in a light grey, with plush VIP seats, blinds for the windows including the panoramic roof. Entertainment included a smart TV, PS4 and Apple TV and of course always the highest quality items including a Bose surround sound system. 

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Speak to us about your own bespoke Monaco conversion; family, sports, business, entertainment whatever your lifestyle entails we will design a custom vehicle for you. The versatile Mercedes Sprinter allows us to offer many options.