Custom Mercedes Sprinter: The outside counts too...

One of the desirable features of our Monaco Mercedes Sprinter other than the luxury interior features is the discreet appearance of the vehicle externally. Driving around many would just presume it is just a Mercedes Sprinter van or maybe a mini coach, the dark tint on the windows blend in well with the vehicle paint finish and are not obtrusive. For many of our clients this is ideal, they don't want to be noticed whilst driving around, they want to feel secure and not draw attention to themselves, they are in their world inside the Monaco. The custom details and luxury features are all focused on the inside.  

HR Owen Mercedes Monaco main Low Res Shot No Logo 1 edited.jpg

But for some they would rather those bespoke luxury features were carried through to the exterior. So how do we do this without compromising on privacy? We can add a body kit to your Monaco Mercedes Sprinter that will give if that little extra something without looking like pimp my ride has visited

We recently designed a Sprinter that had a few exterior upgrades. 

It featured a new rear bumper, exhaust tips, front bumper and front add on lip. These upgrades  worked with the vehicle design and had heads turning when driving along the British roads. They body kit did not compromise the elegant and executive design of the Monaco Mercedes Sprinter, but complimented it well. 

Speak to our designers about body kits and custom options for your own Monaco Mercedes Sprinter.